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Private Parties 2023

Event Description

Private Parties

Book a date and time to suit you for your very own private party at Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory. Please read our different options available below

Just simply pick your date and time then pay your booking payment to hold your party (remaining balance due on arrival at our shop.)

All shows/workshops last around 1.5hrs. When adding food you get the food room for 45min making your party time 2hrs.

All party packages are for up to 15 children/guests, extras can be added for an additional charge per head. A party does not need 15 guests be the package price will still remain the same. For smaller parties we suggest our public chocolate/candy workshops. 

You will be the only guests during your workshop/show


Option 1...When picking your workshop (all lasting 1.5hrs)


Join us for a fun filled demonstration on how we have made our candy from the early 1950's. We will show you from start to finish the fun in candy making along with laughs and Belfast Banter. Every guest will get to try the candies made along with prizes for our quiz at the end. 

(£8 per guest after your original 15)

CHOCOLATE FUN - £180 (Dietary requirement options available )

Who loves Chocolate?? During our chocolate workshop everyone will get to make a chocolate person, chocolate button and dip some marshmallows to take home or possibly eat there and then! Everyone will be given a range of options for decorating their own personal chocolate treats making everyone's personal and creative. This workshop is best for ages Yr4s+

(£10 per guest after your original 15)

CHOCOLATE MASTERS - £210 (Dietary requirement options available )

A more advanced chocolate workshop for the chocolate lovers out there! Each guest will choose their preferred chocolate to create their very own chocolate bar with toppings to be added along with creating some chocolate mini shapes to make that chocolate bar one of a kind! Finishing off with dipping some yummy marshmallows to enjoy while their chocolate sets. This workshop is suitable for 10yrs+

(£12 per guest after your original 15)


Slime = FUN!! Each child will create and make and decorate four different slimes to take home in a sealed tub with plenty of different options to personalise their own wonderful slime. They will be led throughout the slime making process from start to finish. 

(£8 per guest after your original 15)


Girls night is for up to 12 girls to enjoy some party prep - Face masks, Nail painting, Glitter hair all while wearing one of our silk robes. Once everyone is ready to party we can start the Karaoke and party snacks!

(£8 per guest after your original 12. Max 15)


During your Lego party each child will create their own 2D mosaic of their choice or form their own creative mind and enjoy building cars that then can raced against each other . Supervised through all. Each child will then leave with a Lego figure to remind them of their lego building time. 

(£8 per guest after your original 15)

Option 2...If ADDING A FOOD OPTION (Party time now 2hrs)

Join us for some food or tasty snacks!

When doing so you will have time in our party room making your party experience 2hours long. Feel free to bring your own cake or party games and connect to our music system.


Everyone will enjoy a selection of - (Dietary requirement options available)

  • Chips
  • Sausages
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Pizza 
  • Drinks
  • Ice Cream

(£6 per guest after your original 15)

JUICE & ICE CREAM - £37.50

Everyone will enjoy some juice and soft whippy ice cream after their workshop in the party room taking your party time up to 2hrs.

(£2.50 per guest after your original 15)


We offer a buffet style chicken curry with the choice of chips or boiled rice for your guests. Tea, coffee and biscuits are included. All enjoyed in our party room exclusively with your own guests. 

(£6 per guest after your original 15)


selection of sandwiches depending on an adult to child party with some warm vegetable soup to enjoy. Tea, coffee and biscuits are included. All enjoyed in our party room exclusively with your own guests. 

(£6 per guest after your original 15)

Option 3...IF ADDING A PARTY FAVOUR (Price not included at time of booking but will be calculated on day depending on how many required)


Brown paper bags with a personalised sticker with the birthday girl/boys name and age with a range of sweets including a candy lolly, a long marshmallow and a jelly mix and a few extra sweets depending on our stock levels. 


Large filled sweet cones with a range of jelly, fizzy and marshmallows with a personalised sticker of the birthday boy/girls name and age.


Printed vouchers for the birthday girl/boy to give out to their guests to use when leaving the party in our shop. This will entitle them to pick between a slush or soft whippy ice cream AND one jarred sweet off our yellow shelves which will be weighed out into an 100g bag for them to take home. 


Add a little donut fun to your party with 15 donuts (more can be added for £1 each) on our donut wall for everyone to enjoy. We don't recommend this extra with a chocolate workshop as they already receive plenty of chocolate .... unless you are a chocoholic!

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