Candy Apples Galore

Halloween is almost creeping up on us again and soon Aunt Sandra’s will be making thousands upon thousands of yummy candy apples! Get down to the shop 7 days a week and St Georges Market on the weekends to get your very own freshly made candy apples! Candy apples are Gluten/ Diary/ Egg free but […]

Halloween Spooky Fancy Dress Shows!

MEGA HALLOWEEN WEEKEND EVENT! Spooky Fancy Dress Candy demonstrations 30th / 31st October – 1pm & 3.30pm See Sweets and Candy apples being made and make your very own pumpkin coloured Candy floss!!! Prizes for the best dressed! ONLY £6 PER PERSON!   Spooky Fancy Dress Chocolate workshops 30th / 31st October @ 7pm Make […]