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Christmas 2013 Special Show


Lucky old us, eh!!!!!!!
We’ve been crunching on Aunt Sandra’s delicious Honeycomb, savouring her super-scrummy Traditional Fudge, and rolling our eyes in delight over her Chocolate Macaroon cake since 1953, when Aunt Sandra first opened her doors on the Castlereagh Road, Belfast.

But its only now, in these enlightened times that we’ve begun to ask some important ethical questions.   How well does Aunt Sandra look after her Macaroons?   How does she treat her Nutty Lumps?   And does she beat her Fudge?

Daft questions you may think but at Aunt Sandra’s we take it all very seriously, and that’s why we welcome visitors out shop and factory.   The shop has been transformed to look exactly as it would have in Aunt Sandra’s day, and in the factory you can see exactly how good we are to our ingredients.

Aunt Sandra may have retired, but her tradition of hand crafting the goodies continues, carried on by her nephew David Moore.   Come in for a visit and chew over the latest with David – he’s good at the old sweet talk.

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